Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Facebook started to fight the fake news

Facebook has decided to fight the fake and low accuracy news and articles that are being published on it, FB will cooperate with some German agencies and several news organizations like PolitiFact and the Associated Press that will work as "fact-checkers".

the project was announced after multiple complaints about Facebook and how the fake news have helped Donald Trump to win the last USA elections

How will it work?

The idea is simple, Facebook will not remove any post by any website or personal profile but it will flag the doubted post by a simple notification under it basing on the feedback given by the fact-checkers, the picture below shows how will this look like:

This improvement by Facebook has came at the request of German government to prevent Facebook from spreading those kinds of news knowing that the German federal election are planned to be held in October of 2017, so it's out of fear that Facebook gets involved in changing or influencing the results of the election.
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