Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How to add facebook comment box to your blog

Traffic is the most important thing for all bloggers and webmasters, and to get traffic you can use SEO technics or you can pay for traffic in Google Adwords or other platforms. For me i think that we should start working on seo before we pay for traffic.
SEO includes many technics like back links, sitemaps... Having a social media plugin in your blog can increase your traffic, in this post i'll show you how to add a facebook comment box in your blog.
Step 1 : Go to facebook developpers Here
You have to write your blog's URL in the red box and click on "get code".
The code is given in two parts, you have to copy and paste both of them in your blog.

Step 2 : Go to blogger, choose your blog and go to layout.

Click on "Add a Gadget" >"HTML/JavaScript"
and paste the code.

After you paste the code click save. 
When you're done you have to find that Gadget and place it down the post (drag and drop)
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