Thursday, January 19, 2017

How to create your own customized linux distribution

Today i'm gonna show you how to create your own distribution of Linux OS

As everyone knows Linux is an open source operating system, which means you can access the code and modify it to make your own version according to your needs and purposes, moreover, Linux is free, no fees or costs are  applied for installing or using, so let's get things started is a website that allows you to create your Linux distribution

- sign up to the website

- select your base template to work on (only 64bit available) and scroll down the screen to name it and click create appliance

- choose the default software packages of your OS, you can search whatever you want and filter the results by categories

- click the gear "To be installed" to add or remove software packages as shown in the picture

- switch to  Configuration tab on top to personalize your distribution, select default language, time zone and other settings as shown below

- Now switch to Files where you can upload a file or archive from your computer to be added to your OS

- Finally you can build your distribution, choose version number, format and click build, it's
recommended to build it as an (.iso) file, you can just burn it in a CD/DVD and it's ready to use

- Now  you just have to wait for the process to finish and it's done

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