Sunday, January 22, 2017

How to run an iso file without burning

In this article i'm going to show you how to use an iso file without burning it on CD/DVD. First things first, an iso or an iso image is a file that contains all the necessary parts of a specific system, software , game..etc that are formed to be combined and run in a CD/DVD /BD, that's why most of games and operating systems come in iso files

Now let's find out how to run an iso file without burning, this process is called mounting, it's like creating a virtual CD/DVD reader and run the iso with it, let's now move to the tutorial

- Download WinCdEmu from the official website it's less than 2MB, when it's done install it
- Now go to the iso you want to mount, right click on it and click choose a letter to read and mount

- Choose the letter and type and click ok

- Now open PC window and you'll see a virtual CD/DVD reader that's ready to use

- The software runs without problems as you can see, 
- Note:To mount iso file you can also use some popular softwares like PowerIso, UltraIso, Deamon Tools..etc

that was all for this article, hope you like it and please share 

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