Sunday, January 22, 2017

How to set up a bootable linux in a usb drive

In my humble opinion i think that linux is a very important OS to learn, but the problem is you can't have it as the main system in your computer because windows has taken over long time ago and almost everything comes with it now. In this article, i'm going to show you how to use linux OS in a light way. We can install linux in a usb drive and boot it directly from.
First, you need a usb drive (i recommend 8 Gb or more) and an .iso copy of you the linux OS that you like to have, in this tutorial i'm going to have an ubuntu 14 Desktop i386. The last thing you need is Universal-USB-Installer-
Download Ubuntu 14 Desktop here
Download universal usb installer here
--> Open universal usb installer:

1 choose the first option in the list

2 select the path to the iso image of your ubuntu
3 select the usb drive that you will use.
4 check "we will format"
5 choose 1026 Mb.
--> Click create:
  Press ok.

Now You wait almost 20 minutes.

After the process is done you have to reboot you computer and boot from the usb drive instead of the hard drive.

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