Thursday, January 19, 2017

Important basic linux commands to learn

Linux operating system is open source which means that any developper can make his own distribution or version of this system, in addition to that you can create new tools and add the mto your system very easily. What attracts the most in linux system is the security level which is very high.
In this post i'm going to explain some basic linux command that we all should know about as linux fans.
-cd : (change directory) use it to change your directory.
example: cd /home
-cat : display the content of any text file in the standard output.
example : cat appmug.txt
-clear : To clear the command line screen after executing so many commands.
-ls : To list the content of the current directory, or we can execute it on some path "ls path".
example: ls /home/folder1
-chmod : (change mode) this commands changes the permissions of any file, the arguments of this command can be given as letters or number. 
example : chmod 777 filename
-mkdir : (make directory) create a new folder or directory
example : mkdir folder
-pwd : To display the current path of the current directory and you can use it without any arguments.
-touch: To make a new file and the argument is the file name.
example: touch file.txt
-who: To display the current user.
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