Saturday, February 4, 2017

4 tips before you buy a phone online

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You must have been in some situation where you was looking for a phone online but the difference of features and prices made you so confused.In this article i'm going to show you guys how you can buy a good quality phone with cheapest price possible

1- search for phone unboxing and reviews

Before you buy any phone make sure to youtube it and type phone model + unboxing so you can have an initial idea about the phone, how it looks like, what accessories come with it..etc
the unboxing videos usually include a quick review for phone appearance, design, features and specifications of the phone

2- search in forums for topics and discussions about your phone

That's very important because you may find some useful topics about the phone you're willing to buy, there are usually people who actually brought the phone sharing experiences and  talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the device, you can also find some tips and tutorials that's way you can be noticed if there is anything wrong with that phone before you buy it.
I recommend to start reading threads in xda developers to know everything about the software of the phone, what ROMs can be ran on it, backup and restore issues, unbrick and more

3- read the full specification of the phone

don't confine to the specifications you read on the shopping website because they want to buy the product so they may not provide the right information about the phone so make sure to search outside of these websites
I recommend this website which is the most popular one because it provides detailed specification and features, you may also read the comments of people at the bottom of the website

4- compare the price at many online stores and shopping websites

Don't just buy the first product you find in your way, try to compare the prices of different sellers and different websites, you may find the same phone in the same websites but with 
different prices

Personal experience:
i recently brought a Lenevo Zuk Z1 from aliexpress for 165$, it's an amazing device with some stunning specifications:
- 64GO ROM + 3GO RAM
- CPU: Qualcomm Quad Core Snapdragon 801
- 13MP Primary Camera + 8MP secondary Camera
- Finger Print recognition
- FHD 5.5" screen 
- Giant Battery with 4100mAh
That's just a summary of its specification you can read the full specification here
Now if you made a quick search about this device you'll find the prices as below:
- min price: 215$
- min price: 180$
- min price: 203$
- Min price: 172$
- min price: 165$ (from which i bought mine)

That's not an advertisement of the phone but it's just a sharing of a experience which i though can be useful for you guys, you can take it or leave it, that's up to you and those tips are applied for all kind of electronic devices not only phones.
That's all for this article i hope you enjoy it, make sure to share or leave a comment if you have any question

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