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How to protect your facebook account from hackers

Facebook is one of the most famous websites of all times, this site gets billions of visits every month. Facebook has become more than just an ordinary website for entertainment, it's an important thing in our personal life because it might contain some extremely important and sensitive information or maybe our life's secrets. 
We all know that hackers never stop trying and they spend maybe 90% of their time testing new strategies and technics to hack anything they find on the web including Facebook that contain my account and your account which means that we need to know how to protect it and be aware of all the security dos and donts to avoid all sort of problems. 
In this article i'm going to explain to you how you can raise your facebook security level to the top by following some tips.

Step 0: The very first thing you should do is to have a strong password, for me i think that a good password should include :
-More than one capital letter
-More than one number
-Space and a special caracter
-10 caracters or more
>Example : "ApP muG357@" this password is very strong and nobody can guess it with or without script.
Step 1: Activate the Login Alerts
The login alerts is very important because it notifies you when a hacker logs into your account so you can change your password.
- Go to your account settings : 

- Click on "Security" 

- Click on "Login Alerts"

 - Final step you check "Get notifications" and save :

 After this step you'll get notifications after every login (successful login) so that you can find out if someone else has your password and that's very useful.

Step 2: Keep watching your activities history
Go to Security->Recognized Devices

Watch this list above and make sure everything is normal, if you find some strange device in the list means that there is something wrong happening and you need to change your password.
- Where you're logged in :

This list above shows the locations which is very good because if you find any suspecious location then you have to do something.

Step 3: Regular password changing
One of the strongest things to do to achieve a good security level is to regularly change your password and write it down somewhere so you can use it in case you need it.

Step 4: Protect your email
If you registered in facebook using an email then you have to protect that email as well because if the hacker has access to your email then your facebook account is considered hacked. 

Step 5: Facebook Apps
When you play a game on Facebook, the game app gets access  to you information like messages and more, so make sure to use only trusted well known apps to avoid problems.

Step 6: Phishing
Phishing is a social engineering technic to hack all sort of accounts, social engineering means that it's based on the user's ignorance to get his information. In most cases the hacker creates a similar login page as facebook (clones the page) and sends it to the victims and in most cases the victim write his login and password into the fake page. Phishing is used not only to hack facebook, but also twitter or paypal and the hacker get good results with it. Fishing is the most dangerous technic but if you know it existes you'll avoid it. The only way to expose it is to check the page's URL.
facebook protection
Protect Facebook

Step 7: Deactivate JavaScript

If you're worried about security then you should never have javascript activated in your browsers because some pages include a hacking JavaScript scripts and if you open it and run the hacker will get your cookies and he won't need your password to have access to your facebook account.

Step 8 : Make sure to have an Antivirus and a Firewall activated to avoid patches and other things that you can get from torrent or any other downloads.

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